My little one recently wrote about what it means to be owned. She wrote this from her perspective as my submissive and asked if I would write from mine, so here it goes.

When someone assumes or is given a title, it means something. Whether it is Master, slave, Owner, pet, Dominant, submissive, Daddy, little. They all mean something. But what they mean to me could be totally different than what they mean to you. A perfect example is me calling my submissive “little one”. Some have taken this to mean that we are in a DD/lg dynamic when we actually have a D/s dynamic. I have my reasons for calling her that, they don’t come anywhere close to a DD/lg, but they are mine. Remember “my kink may not be your kink”. Yes, we are D/s but we also have an Owner/pet side. The responsibilities I have in both of these dynamics are HUGE.

I am responsible for her well being, her protection, growth, and to a degree her happiness. That’s a LOT to take on. Yes, I am her Dominant, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything for her. I’ve cooked for her, ironed her clothes, made her tea, washed and dried her, and any number of other things. Does this mean I am any less of a Dominant, I don’t think so and here’s why.

I cook for her because I know that some days are just too much and she needs to have a good meal to keep going. I iron her clothes because looking good helps you feel good. I care about her well being and need to set her up for success. I make her tea to help her relax and unwind. I wash and dry her because the attention I show her by doing this reaffirms our bond. Now don’t get me wrong, these things don’t happen every day. But they do happen fairly often. When I agreed to become her Dominant, I agreed to take on the responsibility.

I’m not going to lie, that responsibility scares the ever living HELL out of me!!!! You mean to tell me that by a wrong word or action, I can COMPLETELY destroy another person?!?!?!? Holy shit, what was I thinking?!?!?!?!? But I’m never one to shy away from a challenge, especially one that appeals to me as much as this does. I’m a very careful and observant person. I love watching people and getting inside their head to figure out not just what they are doing, but WHY. With my little one, I know her intimately. I know what drives her, what her dreams are, and what her weaknesses are. My goal with being her Dominant/Owner is NOT to change her. It is to help her grow and achieve her dreams while trying to improve her weaknesses. Notice I said improve and not fix. EVERYONE has weaknesses but not everyone knows them or knows how to deal with them. That’s my job to teach her. I know I’m not perfect. I know I don’t have all of the answers. But I also know that I can help her with growing and learning who she is.

All of this is possible and based on two things. Trust and communication. She trusts me to do the right things, to make the right decisions that will enable her to grow. Remember I said I’m not perfect? That’s where the communication comes in. I screw up, I misunderstand what I am seeing/hearing. She communicates these to me either verbally or through her body language and actions. And I respond as I see fit to correct what I have missed. If I don’t do this, then I have broken the trust that we have and THAT is a HUGE problem.

Her submission means the world to me. I’m amazed every day that she has given such a precious gift to me. I don’t feel worthy of it but I will work everyday to try and become worthy just like she tries everyday to meet the goals I have set for her. And THAT is all that I ask. As long as we are both trying, we will make it. By her giving me her submission and allowing me to guide her, she is making me into a better person. As we grow, learn, and continue to try in this lifestyle I am more and more convinced that there is NOTHING we can’t overcome. All because my little one asked me to be her Dominant.



3 thoughts on “Titles

  1. This is amazing and truly mirrors my feelings on this subject and on the gift precious have given to me. Thank you for posting this, it is good to see I am not “misguided” in my thinking on this matter. Titles mean a lot, and should not be taken lightly. My title was earned, just as precious’s was and I am proud of that. – Daddy

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  2. @His Kitten, He cooks for you, He irons your clothes…THIS is what it means to take care of, to be responsible for, a submissive, whether you call what you have D/s, DD/lg, M/s, pet play, or whatever. THIS is my idea of it being done right. And yes, I know, the relationship isn’t all one-sided, no relationship should be one sided. But as far as I’m concerned, THIS is what a Dominant should be…looking after the needs of the submissive. And the fact that he says IT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF HIM, being responsible for another human being, I love the honesty of that. Being the Dominant, the one always in control, cannot possibly be easy (I’m always a submissive, have never been a Domme, so I have no personal experience with being in control) but I imagine it can’t be easy. The fact that he can admit it, rather than pretending to be stoic (the way some men are) and say “it’s no big deal”, wow.

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